Beyond Integrated Planning and Reporting

We are the creators of the Government Framework© Planning aims to manage how cities, towns and regions grow and change in a way that benefits the public interest. It’s about better outcomes for people, places, the environment and the economy, and therefore deals with livability, sustainability and prosperity. Planning is becoming increasingly essential to how […]

Strategic Planning and Reporting in Local Government

We are the creators of the Government Framework© If I were to ask to you compare the construction of a building to running a local government, you might suggest an analogy detailing the requirements for a strong foundation and a desire to utilize the best workers available. You would not be wrong. If I were […]

How are you addressing succession planning in your organization?

We know that refining your process succession planning is another thing on your ever-growing to-do list. But there are a few reasons it is worth the time and effort. One of the most important benefits is to improve employee retention, employee productivity and nurture future leaders. The last thing you want is to find and […]

Introducing our Local Government Framework ©

At we have successfully been assisting local governments, municipalities, and councils to implement, measure, track, and report against their strategic plans for several years. This system has been perfect for organisations which deal solely in the undertakings emanating directly from their strategic community plan. We understand however that the majority of the work undertaken […]

Life After the Pandemic and choosing a Strategic Planning Partner

Getting Back to Normal in Countries and Cities with a Strategic Planning Partner Counties and cities across the USA need to consider now what measures can be applied “safely” to stimulate demand, by getting consumers out of their homes and businesses back to work. High unemployment over the next year and reduced revenues for both […]