Training & Development

Unleashing System Maturity: Unlock Lifelong Benefits

Training & Development

Unleashing System Maturity: Unlock Lifelong Benefits

What is the Training & Development Program?

Training & Development is a monthly mentoring program offered by GovernmentFrameworks. Training & Development sessions begin as soon as the original project implementation has been completed. Users who have been selected as Training & Development participants by their Project Stakeholders meet with their GFW Project Consultant for a virtual 1-on-1 session each month for personalized training and resources. Consultants follow a training syllabus that has been established through years of experience

Each one-hour Training & Development session focuses on skill-building and is equal parts learning and practice. After teaching and reviewing a new topic, the GFW consultant provides support as participants employ the new skills they have learned to gain hands-on experience

Examples of skills that are developed through the Cascade Training & Development program:

  • plan creation, development, and maintenance
  • clear communication of goal status and progress updates
  • creation, customization, and maintenance of comprehensive snapshot reports and dashboards
  • system administration for advanced users


GFW Training & Development

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GFW Training & Development

Who is Training & Development For?

Everyone! The Training & Development program can be tailored to fit any participant, from a new user with entry-level knowledge to a seasoned administrative user who has been taking part in the program for several years.

While the Training & Development program does have a syllabus that all consultants follow, the order in which topics are covered, and the level of detail they reach, are entirely dependent on each participant. During the first few monthly sessions, the consultant will assess the requirements of the participants and create their individualized training plans accordingly.

There are two distinct tiers of Training and Development:

  • Our Standard Training & Development license is intended for any user who wants to learn more about the system(s) they are working in.
  • Our Administrator Training & Development license delves into greater detail, covering all topics that are included in a standard license while also exploring more advanced areas of the system(s) like the administrative settings and organizational structure.

What are the Benefits For Participants?

Training & Development (T&D) participants get exclusive access to their project consultant, who offers personalized support and creates custom training plans to meet the individual needs of each participant. Between their monthly meetings, T&D participants can also contact their consultant and the Government Frameworks support team via email or phone.

System users who have taken part in the T&D program are proven to be:

  • More comfortable in and knowledgeable about the system(s)
  • More active and engaged with the content in the system(s)
  • Able to provide support to other users due to their enhanced knowledge
  • Well-informed about tips and tricks for simplifying their navigation and use of the system(s)
  • Able to create comprehensive reports and dashboards for both internal and external distribution
GFW Training and Development

What Are The Benefits For The Organization?


Consultants keep detailed records of all T&D meetings. Towards the end of each month, following all participant sessions, the consultant will meet with the project stakeholder(s) to discuss the progress and outcomes of the T&D program. These check-ins ensure transparent participant and program success


Regular monthly meetings with consultants enhance user engagement. T&D participants regularly update assignments, preparing for productive discussions and valuable guidance from their consultants. Consistent engagement significantly amplifies program benefits, accelerating progress toward participants’ goals, and aspirations.

Knowledge Retention

Users who participate in T&D retain more of their knowledge about the system, particularly if they join the T&D program immediately after their initial training sessions. Experienced T&D participants are valuable internal resources, as they can provide support to other users and help new users navigate the system(s) and the content within.

What does a T&D session look like?

In a session with a new T&D participant, the consultant will spend time assessing their current comfort level with the system(s) they are using and inquire about the participant’s particular needs. The results of this first meeting will allow the consultant to prioritize the syllabus topics in order of importance and create a custom training plan for the participant. Future sessions will then focus on teaching the participant how to maximize their usage of the system to meet their needs.

Participants will be given opportunities to practice their new skills in every session. While the syllabus provides a number of topics to be covered in these monthly meetings, the consultant will also take into account any other areas in which the participant has expressed interest

Some activities that participants might learn about and work on during T&D sessions with the support of the consultant are:

  • Data entry and archival
  • Planning refinements
  • Progress update submissions
  • Report building and sharing
  • Organizational restructuring


GFW Training and Development Program

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