Frontier School Division

Enhancing Educational Governance: The Frontier School Division Experience


Geographically, Frontier is Manitoba’s largest school division, with 40 schools spread over 75% of the province. Frontier School Division serves a diverse group of communities across this wide range and has been working with GovernmentFrameworks since 2018 to consolidate and optimize their school planning and reporting processes. 

Using the Cascade Strategy software, administrators from each of the 40 schools track progress and report on their contributions to the Division Outcomes stemming from 3 main focus areas: Academic, Wellness, and Indigenous Way of Life. Through the implementation of a custom framework addressing these focuses, administrators & teachers develop a new School Plan each year, which is updated regularly through collaboration with the GovernmentFrameworks team. Detailed School Plan reports provide School Committees with a comprehensive look into the progress of each school throughout the year.

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, Frontier School Division deployed a COVID-19 Emergency Response Program alongside their annual School Plans within the Cascade Strategy software. School staff were able to log their emergency preparedness actions and monitor their school’s compliance with measures mandated by the provincial government. Combining this Emergency Response Program with their annual plans, administrators were able to ensure that students and staff were learning in a safe and successful environment.

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Cohesive Progress Tracking & Reporting

Education exists in a constant state of evolution. Within Frontier School Division, school administrators are required to create and submit a new School Plan each year to their School Committees, outlining how they aim to meet the outcomes set by the Division. With 40 School Plans to monitor and review annually, Frontier School Division needed a dynamic, customizable solution that would provide transparency, accountability, and collaboration. 

Solutions Provided



Implemented a custom framework designed to facilitate efficient and effective updating of 40 School Plans. School administrators are able to view their annual plans in an interactive reporting format, and Division administrators can review the progress on these plans at all levels of detail. All previous annual plans are saved in an archive and can be accessed by Division staff at any time with the help of the GovernmentFrameworks team.

School Excellence Program

Deployed the School Excellence Program, which provides school principals with an opportunity to meet with their GovernmentFrameworks consultant four times throughout the school year. During these quarterly 1-on-1 sessions, principals cover a variety of topics, from navigating the custom framework and updating their School Plans throughout the year, to finalizing the details of their end of year reports in June. 


One of the 3 main areas of focus for Frontier School Division is Indigenous Way of Life (IWOL).  A designated portion of each annual School Plan consists of strategies to meet the intended IWOL outcomes. To help IWOL staff track progress efficiently in this area, GovernmentFrameworks has created a series of streamlined reports using specific keywords, phrases, and concepts. These reports provide insight at the division, school, and action levels. 

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