Qathet Regional District

Innovation in Action: How GovernmentFrameworks Transformed qathet Regional District’s Governance Landscape


Spanning just over 5,000 square kilometers on the stunning coast of British Columbia, qathet Regional District encompasses five electoral districts and the municipality of Powell River.

Since 2020, qathet Regional District has used the Local Government Framework for its strategic, operational, and governance planning. Using the Cascade Strategy software, they have successfully maintained an efficient and accurate reporting process for all aspects of their organization. 

qathet Regional District was the pioneer of GovernmentFrameworks’ COVID-19 Emergency Response Program during the spring of 2020. By implementing the response framework in Cascade, managers were able to track and report on the progress of actions and measures taken to combat the pandemic. 

Representatives from each of the electoral districts and the municipality make up the Regional District’s Board of Directors. Administrators at qathet use Cascade to track the Board Meetings and record all resulting Board Motions. The progress of these motions is tracked within Cascade and presented back to the Board through custom reports. 

qathet Regional District is currently in the process of developing its Public Dashboard, which will present the progress of its strategic initiatives within Cascade to members of the public. 

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The road to success can be bumpy

In the fast-paced world of municipal governance, effective management & strategic planning are paramount. However, municipalities often grapple with a myriad of challenges that hinder their progress & impede their ability to meet the evolving needs of their communities. From ensuring accountability among numerous staff members to simplifying reporting processes, finding the right solutions can feel like an uphill battle.

Let’s explore the specific challenges faced by qathet Regional District:


Increased Accountability

GovernmentFrameworks implemented a streamlined system that effectively distributed accountability and ownership of strategic plan initiatives among staff members from various departments. This collaborative approach increased transparency across the organization and encouraged staff to work together while clearly understanding their roles. 

Real-Time Board Meeting Tracking

Offered an efficient method to capture details of Regional Board Meetings in real time, as the meetings are taking place, as well as the subsequent motions. Open motions are accessible to all users, while closed motions have an additional layer of privacy applied to ensure they are viewed only by the Board and those staff members responsible for tracking them.

Comprehensive Audit Tracking

Developed a reporting platform to respond to all district audits, internal or external, that are conducted. This includes a highly detailed Health & Safety audit with nearly 90 recommendations, the majority of which have since been actioned and completed by the qathet OH&S team using our specialized framework.

Emergency Response Reporting

Implemented our COVID-19 Emergency Response Program in 2020, allowing staff at qathet Regional District to track the progress and status of their responsive departmental actions and objectives. Through daily check-ins with the GFW team, managers learned how to utilize the framework to create effective, comprehensive reporting. 

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