Talent Management

Embracing talent management in a distributed cloud era.


Our solutions offer choice and flexibility and embrace the distributed cloud era model of personalized talent management. An example of this would be moving from bi-annual one-on-ones to monthly conversations with clear objective and expectations, frequent feedback and data stored in one place.

The main reasons why organizations are looking to update their performance management process is because they want to provide more coaching, obtain better retention, and an improvement in their culture. The more touch-points a manager and employee have, the more they will be able to coach employees and the organisation will, as a result, move forward faster.

The era span includes:

Key Benefits

Creating supportive environments for all teams to thrive


HR becomes more of a supportive and facilitative role where there is not the pushing and pulling force of this process.


Promotes normality and business as usual with two-way communication between management and employees.


Teams have more freedom to choose the frequency in which they conduct conversations.


Supports a more open and transparent culture that builds a greater level of trust amongst staff.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, more than a performance booster

Employee engagement is an important component of organizational success. Now more than ever, workplaces are increasingly scattered, with many employees nowadays working remotely. Employee engagement software helps bring together a diverse bunch of employees and allow them to communicate easily and create a virtual workspace of sorts. It also allows them to collaborate, brainstorm and share information with each other.

The software makes it easy to repeat the onboarding process time after time and yet uniquely personalize it for new hires. Onboarding is an important aspect of employee engagement and good onboarding can go a long way towards creating an enjoyable employee experience. Nowadays, onboarding is just not about recruiting someone to an organization; it also ensures that an employee settles in well and melds into the fabric of the organization.

By centralizing a lot of the functions that are integral to employee performance, engagement software also helps employees participate in essential activities and still focus on their own work. It does not have to be time-consuming, or something they have to choose to create time for. Most employee engagement software also offers features like continuous feedback, goal setting, employee social. Employees can use our software to check in with their managers, seek feedback from their peers.

With our solution, it becomes a lot easier to reward and recognize employees. Because it does not have to be a big event where everyone needs to be present. Instead, it is a simple post of appreciation that can show employees that their work matters. The post will also be visible to everyone in an organization, thereby assuring employee recognition for good work. It can also be something as simple as sharing feedback with employees frequently that can make them feel like their hard work and effort are visible to their managers.

Learning Management

Grow your people

Maximise your investment in your staff and the future of your organisation with a complete learning management software solution. Keep your staff engaged in the organisation. Can you afford to lose their valuable skills and experience?

Our software tools help you manage your entire Learning & Development programme and strengthen staff retention.

We help you identify training and development needs, select learning events and record course bookings. You can manage waiting lists, attendance and course evaluations.

Stay on top of training and nudge where necessary with our manager overviews. Track course completion acquired skills and granted certificates with our platform that automatically reminds people to complete courses. Log and keep track of employees’ obtained certificates through formal internal or external training.

Let our software help you to keep track of any learning activity and align learning plans with organisational strategies.



Technology still requires a people touch

Continual development and advances in technology will inevitably frame the future look of HR. Organizations are turning to digital solutions and automation to improve performance and reduce costs across human resources as well as finance and IT.

To ensure goals are obtained, an organisation looks to technological advances for support, but should still remain focused on developing the people resources that power the organisation and drive it forward. The workplace is fuelled by engagement, productivity and creativity; qualities that require constant care and attention and, if neglected, can lead to employees becoming disengaged from their job and employer.

The use of technology should sit alongside best practice for recruiting, developing and retaining the top talent. For example, to identify promising employees as future leaders, an organization found that HR and related data was scattered across the enterprise. Using machine-learning capabilities, the organization aggregated demographic, performance, and enterprise data to identify the key drivers of employee performance, identify the individuals with the greatest potential, and find roles in which they would succeed. Executive then transformed the recruiting process to focus on early markers of success and redeploy talent in new roles. These measures enabled the company to achieve improvements in the conversion of new recruits, in productivity, and in net operating results.

Whilst technology supports management of the employee lifecycle, managing people will always require people skills and, no matter how much technology may transform the business of HR, it will always require the human touch. This is what powers an organisation, through engagement, productivity, and creativity.

Our integrated approach to recruitment, on-boarding, talent management and reporting from a single database reduces workforce administration, improve productivity, align company objectives with employee performance and use proven technology to deliver efficiencies. The real success comes when all this is combined with a people touch.


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