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Implement an Effective Governance Framework is a leading provider of specialized planning, process mapping, process and forms automation, records management, and corporate reporting services, catering to local governments across Australia, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand.

Our flagship offering, the Local Government Framework©, is a cloud-based governance tool that simplifies complex administration and reporting needs, enabling local governments to operate efficiently and ensure compliance.


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Unlocking Potential: Key Features & Benefits

At, we prioritize good governance, assisting local governments in implementing effective governance frameworks and fostering compliance. Our design and technology solutions are specifically tailored to facilitate the optimal utilization of resources while promoting accountability for stewardship.


Consolidated Dashboard

Our framework provides local governments with a consolidated, user-friendly dashboard for reporting systems, offering flexibility and ease of use.


By automating manual tasks, our tool saves up to 80% of task time, allowing department managers to streamline their planning and reporting processes.

Enhanced Transparency

Our service delivery reporting enhances transparency among staff, officials, and the community, enabling effective communication and collaboration.

Partner is a trusted partner for local governments, helping them improve their capabilities, increase efficiency, and confidently achieve their strategic objectives.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve, keeping pace with the ever-evolving governance landscape.

Transformative Solutions for Effective Governance

If you are seeking a partner to navigate the complexities of risk management, governance, and information management, is here to assist. Contact us today to explore our transformative solutions and embark on a journey toward streamlined administration and enhanced service capabilities. Together, we can drive effective governance and empower your local government to thrive within your community.

Project Approach

We believe that a successful implementation is when the systems become embedded into the Corporate DNA of the Municipality. To achieve this, we believe projects should:

  • Have an Iterative Approach 
  • Be resilient to change
  • Work closely with you to incorporate your feedback
  • Build relationships to open free-flowing communication between team members
  • Promote collaboration between team members
  • Be highly visible 

Implementation Process

Initiating Phase

  • Commercial Agreements negotiated and executed: We initiate the engagement through formal legal agreements, outlining the Terms and Conditions of our partnership.
  • Sale Handover to Project Team and Consultants: Knowledge transfer occurs from our Sales Team to the Project Implementation team, creating a foundation for project commencement.

Planning Phase

  • Project Kick-off & Stakeholder Meeting: In this session, we introduce the project team, document key stakeholders, define project goals, processes, tools, and milestones.
  • Data Analysis & Review: We analyze the documentation provided by the customer and present our findings and recommendations.


  • Configuration & Setup: Our experienced team configures and sets up the systems according to the agreed requirements, including customized goal templates and data import.
  • Module Delivery: We demonstrate the system configuration and review the data, allowing customer feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Configuration Refinements & Adjustments: This section of the project allows GFW to implement the feedback provided in the module delivery sessions.
  • User Acceptance Testing: During this period your Super Users will go through what has been set up to ensure that the system is ready for use for the rest of your team. GFW will be available to assist and provide some guidance to your team during this process. Once the Super Users are satisfied that the system meets the Project Scope, they will sign off to confirm – the next stage will then begin.

Monitoring & Controlling

  • Project Manager: A key stakeholder in the project team is the Project Manager, whose job is to constantly monitor the project goals, processes, tools, and milestones and ensure that they are delivered in scope and on time.
  • Project Control: means working with both the GovernmentFrameworks team and the client’s team to remove any bottlenecks that may hinder the project’s timely completion

Training Phase

  • Admin / Key Stakeholder Training: We train Super Users and Admin Users on system navigation, processes, and administration, empowering them to oversee the system effectively.
  • User Training: Customized training programs are designed and delivered to the nominated users or user groups, ensuring a smooth transition to system usage.

Go Live

  • On this significant day, all the hard work culminates as we officially launch the system into production, ready to empower local governments.


  • This stage serves as a formal review point, ensuring customer satisfaction and providing an opportunity for valuable feedback and lessons learned.

Ongoing Support, Training & Development

  • We continue to engage with customer team members through our Training & Development program, empowering them to take ownership of the system and ensuring ongoing success.

We empower local governments at
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to drive effective governance and long-term success.

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