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A dedicated process mapping platform, delivering cloud-based flexibility with no IT footprint. Bring business operations to life with visual process mapping software to improve productivity and deliver predictable outcomes – all with one easy-to-use platform.

Key Process Benefits

Improve the way people work through process management.


Allows the freedom for employees to deliver their key results.


A collaboration platform which encourages innovation.


Improve team execution and improve the customer experience.

Complete organizational process mapping

Understand and optimize your processes

Making processes visible, auditable, and easy to monitor provides real benefit for organizations of any size. Only when you can visualize the individual tasks that make up your business processes can you begin to reduce bottlenecks, streamline your operations, and optimize your resources.

What is Process Mapping?

Your guide to successful government process management


Get leadership buy-in

Help convince decision-makers of the importance of process improvement by highlighting the negative effects of operational inefficiencies and presenting them with an easy-to-implement software solution.

Get Leadership Buy-In for Process Improvement
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Drive engagement and create accountability

Collaboration is key to a successful process mapping effort. Workers from every line of government (LOG) should be involved in creating, maintaining, and optimizing their own processes. This allows everyone to feel a shared responsibility for the success of the organization.

Drive Engagement and Process Improvement Success
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Standardize on a single source of truth

When processes are standardized, everyone knows the right way to complete a task. And when improvements are adopted, they can quickly be rolled out to all affected business groups.

Procedure Documents Don’t Work
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Create a culture of continuous improvement

Capturing and understanding your processes is just the beginning. Processes must evolve with the changing business landscape and grow as you scale. A dynamic, visual process mapping tool makes is easy to iterate on your processes and adapt to your changing needs.

Process Improvement Starts with Your People
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Digital Transformation

What’s holding governments back from digital transformation?

As more and more governments are pursuing transformation, a need for a total process overhaul is emerging.  But knowing how to begin optimizing government processes is difficult.

Change management often is daunting, and many governments avoid taking the plunge to improve their processes. So how can you guarantee successful updates to business processes? For governments to begin digitally transforming, they first need to understand their day-to-day operations, and the first step is process mapping.

Take the leap and transform from ordinary to legendary.

Successful governments use ProcessPro to gain insights and make smarter decisions.

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