Forms Automation, Records Management, Executive Reporting

Why Do You Need Our ‘FARMER’ Solution?

Empowering Organizations to Streamline Forms Automation, Records Management, and Executive Reporting

At last, there’s a transformative solution to alleviate the burdensome task of forms & records management that has plagued organizations for far too long. Despite the advancements in records scanning and filing software, the traditional approach of digitizing paper records and forms remains hindered by human factors, causing frustration and inefficiency. Say goodbye to the tiresome process of manually organizing paper-based forms and tirelessly searching for the right file. We understand the time-consuming and inefficient nature of this process, it’s time to embrace a more efficient approach to managing your forms, and take advantage of automation, enabling you to reclaim valuable time and energy to reinvest into your community.

Introducing ‘FARMER’ – the groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the way you handle forms through advanced digitization and automation. With FARMER, you can effortlessly digitize forms, seamlessly integrate them into automated workflows, manage approvals and routing, and generate executive reports, all within a unified and simplified solution. By leveraging this powerful tool within your governance framework, you’ll experience an unparalleled level of efficiency and productivity.

Unlock The Power of ‘FARMER’ 

Unleashing the Power of Streamlined Efficiency and Enhanced Performance

Unleash the Potential: Saving 1000’s of Hours for Municipalities

Imagine the possibilities as municipalities save an astounding 15,000 to 100,000+ hours of administrative time. By implementing FARMER, municipalities can liberate the equivalent of 10 to 100+ full-time employees, eliminating the need for low-value laborious manual work. This allows staff to redirect their efforts towards more critical tasks and responsibilities, driving increased service capability for your community.

Our ALL IN ONE Forms & Business process automation solution, ‘FARMER’ will deliver cost savings by reducing labor costs while improving data accuracy and decision-making capabilities with accurate and timely information delivered in a timely manner. We are able to convert forms, workflow, records management, and executive reporting into an all-in-one simple solution. 


Removing 80% of the time and making records management automatic!


Comprehensive Solutions for Seamless Operations and Enhanced Service Levels

We enable your organization to view and adhere with the mandated and voluntary boundaries, automating your regulatory and organizational compliance requirements that extend across strategic, corporate, departmental and all your governance compliance areas of responsibility.

Say Goodbye to Manual Record Filing

Experience the revolution in record filing with FARMER. Our innovative solution eliminates the need for manual involvement, streamlining workflows, and eradicating the burdensome task of record-keeping. By saving an incredible amount of time, FARMER paves the way for a future where manual record filing becomes a thing of the past.

say goodbye to manual filing gfw FARMER solution

Guaranteed Process Improvement: Results in Days, Not Months

When it comes to process improvement, FARMER offers a remarkable advantage by guaranteeing enhancement without the need for extensive change management. Quantifiable and tangible results can be seen within the first 30 to 60 days, making an immediate impact on operations.

A Remarkable Achievement: Efficient Solutions for Local Governments

This achievement is particularly noteworthy, considering the typically lengthy implementation timelines and substantial change management challenges associated with technology adoption in local government. Our solution stands out as truly unique, as it effectively addresses significant problems and drives process improvement within the realm of local government. It is a testament to our ability to develop a comprehensive and tailored approach that tackles these issues head-on.

Government framework.com

Our ‘FARMER’ solution is a pioneering and unique approach that effectively addresses problems and improves processes in local government technology adoption

Shorten implementation timelines, achieve efficient technology integration, streamline processes, and save time and resources by eliminating complexities.

Understand the unique challenges of local government operations and provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet your specific requirements.

Deliver measurable results and drive positive change by tackling issues head-on, leading to significant operational impact.

Take the first step towards a more streamlined
and productive future for your municipality

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