CAO Coaching & Mentoring Program has partnered with experienced Government CAOs to offer a comprehensive coaching 
and mentoring program tailored to the unique challenges faced by CAOs in municipalities

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Embarking on the journey of a newly appointed CAO is an exhilarating pursuit but it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with the position. The learning curve can be steep, and it’s not always easy to know which way is up. Fortunately, our comprehensive program is designed to help new CAOs acclimate themselves to the top job.

Our program provides detailed and comprehensive information that covers every aspect of the CAO role. Whether you’re dealing with budget issues, municipal bylaws, or stakeholder management, our program can help ease the stresses that come with an increased role within the council or municipality.

From learning effective communication and leadership skills to understanding how to navigate internal and external relationships, our program provides the knowledge you need to succeed in your new position. We’ll help you build the confidence and expertise you need to make informed decisions, manage competing priorities, and drive positive outcomes for your community.

Don’t let the challenges of your new role overwhelm you. Let our comprehensive program be your guide as you navigate your new position as a CAO. With our support and expertise, you’ll be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your role.

Don't let the challenges of your
new position hold you back

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The road to success can be bumpy

As you are well aware by now the path to successful leadership is not without its challenges. From the outset, you will encounter a diverse array of obstacles that require your utmost attention and unwavering focus, so recognizing the complexities of this role is critical. Below are just some of the common hurdles faced by newly appointed CAOs:

Key Program Benefits

5 Year Training Program

A comprehensive 5-year training plan, broken down into simple, executable learning outcomes to guide you through.

Experienced CAO

Benefit from mentoring provided by one of our experienced CAOs who have decades worth of experience across multiple municipalities.

Ongoing Support

Continuous support from the consulting and training team to ensure your success.

Vetted Technology

We have vetted the technology for you. This techinology is trusted around the world by industry leading CAOs.

About the program

A Program Customized
to your needs

In the demanding role of a time-constrained CAO, customizing the training syllabus becomes vital to address your specific needs and the challenges prevalent in your community. Our program is designed to arm you with the necessary tools to tackle your current obstacles effectively. We prioritize understanding your unique circumstances from the outset, allowing us to identify your requirements and tailor the program accordingly.

During the initial phases, we proactively assess your needs, enabling us to make precise adjustments to the program. By aligning our training with your specific challenges and circumstances, we ensure that you receive targeted guidance and resources that directly address the demands you face as a busy CAO. This personalized approach allows you to optimize your time and maximize the value you gain from the program, enabling you to navigate your role with confidence and achieve exceptional outcomes for your community.

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