Frameworks for Local Government & School Districts

Enable all stakeholders within Local Government & K12 School Districts to work towards a common vision with a strategic plan consistent with all other guiding documents & ideals that responds to change as it occurs. Align your strategies, enhance your reporting for decision-making & be able to demonstrate impact on your communities.

Framework for Local Government

Decision-making for community impact

A comprehensive performance management solution for Local Government that enables optimum decision-making and community impact. It provides structure, discipline, and accountability with ongoing management support, across a Municipality’s/Council’s strategic, operational, governance and master plans with performance management and more.

Tutor advising his student
Strategic Planning for School Districts

Your pathway to planning maturity

School boards now have a roadmap that they can track, evaluate, and modify to facilitate better governance decisions and provide direction for the future of the school. Our Framework© enables the most important priority of the school, students’ educational achievement, is taken care of.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions is a business founded by Philip Hicks in 2013 and owned by PMH Insights INC. It is based in Edmonton in the State of Alberta, Canada and prior to March 2021 was trading under the business name PMH Insights.

Answer: PMH Insights is the business founded by Philip Hicks in 2013 and owned by PMH Insights INC. It is based in Edmonton in the State of Alberta, Canada and was the former business name to

Answer: The new business name has been registered as a replacement to PMH Insights business name to better reflect the services that we provide particularly to Local Government, such as our Local Government Framework©.

Organisations that use our framework

Trusted by local governments and school districts around the world

Sally Rice

General Manager Community | Moira Shire Council | Victoria | Australia

“This has been a way to get the organization working and pulling together to deliver the Council plan. A key focus has been on the capital works program including the delivery of services, applying a consistent step by step methodology to project delivery, with improved reporting.”

Katherine Johnson

Director Infrastructure | Port Pirie Regional Council | South Aust. | Australia

“The implementation has been a good process with regular meetings that have helped us keep on track. We know where we are going. Staff are keeping up with their actions and have ownership of their progress updates. We understand how it all fits together.”

Chris Dewhurst

General Manager | Hawkesbury River County Council | New South Wales | Australia

“Whilst this has been a new and successful experience for us, the County was clear on the outcomes we wanted. The challenge was having the system produce those outcomes. has been very flexible in assisting us to meet our needs.”

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