Integrated Planning and Reporting & Governance

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council needed to modernize the way they developed, tracked, and reported on their Local Government plans.

Local Government Planning encompasses a multitude of planning documents. When managed through Word, Excel, or aged software systems the key challenges are in:

The Challenge

Local Government Planning encompasses a multitude of planning documents. When managed through Word, Excel, or aged softawre systems the key challenges are in:

Introducing new technology was needed to improve the current process and help drive user adoption and engagement.

Products we implemented:

Key Results & Deliverables

Cascade Strategy software is an ideal software prodcut for Local Government when combiuned with our Local Government Framework©.

Key functionality includes multiple plans, unlimited planning levels, plan linkages, single planning page for managers, strategy model, planning templates and update templates, with ease of integration.

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council have established regular Council Statutory reporting based on their department operating plans, ensuring progress and commentary is entered once, automatically updating all the plans to which it is linked.

Resolutions and actions arising from Council Meetings are tracked in Cascade and delegated to managers and officers to keep track of the status of all outstanding actions, including grant applications where the Council have directed the executive team to prepare funding applications. A report snapshot can be run at the touch of a button to display goal progress for Council, keeping them regularly informed on progress.

A checklist of all legislative and compliance actions based on the queensland Audit Office (QAO) chcklists has been incorporated with actions delegated to responsible managers ensuring the status of mandatory actions are tracked giving confidence when external audtis are undertaken.

We deliver an exclusive monthly training program for managers to help develop their planning & reporting skills. This assists with engagement, reduces anxiety and ensures planning and reporting is complete and accurate.

Plans available in Cascase Strategy:

  1. Annual Operations Plan
  2. Senior Leadership Plan
  3. Capital Projects
  4. Council Resolutions Tracking
  5. Legislations & Compliance
  6. Risk Management Plan
  7. CEO plan
  8. Division plans
    1. Operations plan
    2. Corporate and Community plan
    3. Finance plan
'The workboard gives a single view across all areas of the Framework so we can keep track of the status of actions. Any overdue or behind items can be quickly identified and prioritized for attention.'
Figure 1
Live example of Dashboard grouped by content area.

The Pathyway ahead looks forward to continuing their association with Napranum Shire Council, implementing for executive and managers further areas of our Local Government Framework for a comprehensive Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solution. is an LG specialist implementation partner for Cascade Strategy who have developed a seamlessly integrated suite of tools for running your entire council. From strategic planning to performance management, Cascade includes all the tools you need to build an empowered, cohesive, andefficient organization with srategy at its heart. In 2018, Cascade signed up its 1,000th paying company, representing over 25,000 users across more than 60 different countries.

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