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Unlocking Efficient Bilingual Reporting and Streamlined Governance: The Township of Russell’s Success Story with



The Township of Russell, situated in Ontario, Southeast of Ottawa, is a vibrant municipality comprising two primary communities: Embrun and Russell.

As part of the United Counties of Prescott Russell, this township faces the unique challenge of serving a significant French-speaking population while operating and reporting in both French and English languages.

To overcome these language barriers and streamline their strategic planning and reporting processes, the Township of Russell adopted the Government Frameworks Planning software in January 2022.

With our invaluable assistance, the township’s directors engage in monthly training and development sessions to enhance their use of the systems and develop their planning maturity.


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Unlocking Bilingual Communication

The Township of Russell’s bilingual nature poses considerable challenges, as it necessitates bilingual reporting to effectively communicate with both the bilingual employees and the community.

Recognizing this obstacle, utilized custom fields within the Planning tool to create dual sets of goal titles in English and French. This ingenious approach ensures that all reports can be seamlessly presented in both languages.

Additionally, developed two options for written and numerical updates, enabling directors to provide updates in both English and French without duplication of effort. This bilingual reporting capability ensures effective communication and engagement with the community while remaining accessible to all members of the community.



Charting a Path to Municipal Excellence

The Township of Russell embarked on a transformative journey in municipal governance, leveraging the power of solutions. This innovative approach unlocked the potential to streamline reporting processes, enhance project tracking, and seamlessly align goals across multiple plans and departments. Let us review how this transformative partnership revolutionized the way the Township of Russell operates and achieves sustainable success.

Efficient Goal and Project Alignment:

One of the notable benefits of utilizing Cascade in the Township of Russell is the ability to update a single goal or project, which seamlessly rolls up to multiple plans, thereby populating various areas within the township. For instance, if the infrastructure department provides an update on a road project, this update cascades across different levels:

  • Department Business Plan: The goal rolls into a specific project within the infrastructure department’s business plan, ensuring alignment with its strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Plan: The same goal contributes to a strategic objective outlined in the strategic plan, providing valuable insights for the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Council.
  • Capital Planning: The goal further integrates into the capital plan managed by the Finance Department, ensuring cohesive financial planning and resource allocation.
  • Master Planning: The recommendation stemming from the goal finds its place within the streetscape master plan, enabling the Infrastructure Department to shape the township’s physical environment.
  • Public Works Initiatives: Lastly, the goal influences recommendations within the Community Traffic Impact Study conducted by the Public Works Department, ensuring comprehensive traffic management solutions.


This seamless integration and alignment of goals and projects across various plans and departments foster efficiency, collaboration, and a holistic approach to governance in the Township of Russell.


Empowering Progress

In addition to the above with the implementation of Government Frameworks Planning, the Township of Russell has experienced a range of transformative benefits:

  1. Centralized Repository: Our solution has replaced cumbersome Excel-based reporting systems, serving as a centralized repository for all reports. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, enabling easy access to vital decision-making information.
  2. Enhanced Council Meeting Management: Government Frameworks Planning is utilized to monitor and track actions and resolutions arising from council meetings. All meeting actions are promptly entered into Cascade and shared with the respective departments responsible, ensuring accountability and efficient follow-up.
  3. Efficient Project Tracking: The township employs our solution to track, monitor, and report on capital projects, master plans, and department business plans. Once the data is entered and configured within the system, users can effortlessly update their projects with numerical and written updates in both English and French. This comprehensive project tracking ensures seamless coordination across multiple areas of the township.
  4. Integrated Planning and Reporting: By leveraging the snapshot feature, directors successfully created their 2023 department business plans and key performance indicators (KPIs). This snapshot captured all goals and projects with current dates in 2023, ensuring alignment with master plans and enabling the efficient implementation of recommendations without any additional work.
  5. Organizational Adaptability: The Township of Russell recently underwent a departmental reorganization. Thanks to our solutions flexible structure, updating organizational units, roles, and users was a breeze. Goals and permissions were automatically adjusted based on the changes, facilitating seamless reporting during the transition without the need for manual reassignments.


Expanding the Boundaries of Excellence

Building on their success, the Township of Russell and are embarking on additional projects, including the creation of a Contracts Register and Policy and Procedure Register. These endeavors aim to further streamline and enhance governance processes, enabling the municipality to operate with greater efficiency and transparency.

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