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Transforming Local Government Dynamics: Mastering Ownership Assignment and Organisational
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Embracing Growth, Shaping Change: Mitchell Shire Council’s Quest for a Thriving Community

Mitchell, Victoria’s fastest-growing municipality, is witnessing an influx of new residents drawn to the urban or peri-urban lifestyle near Melbourne’s outskirts. As the population surges, the organisation must evolve to meet the increasing demand for services, council initiatives, and sustainable strategies. Balancing growth while preserving the area’s unique country charm and high quality of life presents an extraordinary challenge.

Within this dynamic environment, organisational shifts are inevitable. Roles are redefined, new positions are created, and fresh talent joins the council. Amidst this whirlwind of change, a critical question arises: In the midst of this dynamic transformation, Mitchell Shire faces a critical challenge: establishing and maintaining a clear line of sight on staff’s direct responsibilities for strategic actions, policy management, and risk actions and controls.

“We are a healthy, vibrant, and connected community that values nature, diversity, and innovation.”

Mitchell Shire Council

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Navigating the intricate challenges faced by Mitchell Shire Council entails effectively managing HR information and establishing unequivocal assignment ownership within their planning and risk framework. Operating on Technology One’s ERP system, which accommodates the assignment of multiple employees to a single position, the potential for diluted ownership arises when multiple users are involved in the same role. This intricate complexity has impeded the automation of planning user/role/org unit processes, as the system adheres to a “one-to-one” match between users and roles, ensuring ultimate accountability rests with an individual. Striking the delicate balance between collaborative teamwork through co-ownership and work groups while averting the pitfalls of “group ownership” becomes paramount, mitigating risks associated with ambiguous responsibilities and deliverables. Government Frameworks worked with Mitchell Shire Council to:



Effortlessly streamline processes with GovernmentFramework’s Power Automate and Office 365 integration. Scheduled jobs deliver exports from Technology One SaaS to the GFW.COM SFTP server, creating unique roles in Cascade for each employee. Cascade’s API synchronises with Technology One, ensuring seamless alignment and eliminating manual effort, reducing errors, and boosting operational efficiency.


Achieve organisational harmony through the integrated Cascade and Technology One system. Role responsibilities stay up-to-date and aligned with the organisation’s structure, providing new hires with a clear understanding of reporting responsibilities from day one. Swift reallocation during restructuring is enabled by a comprehensive view of current assignments, fostering collaboration and strategic alignment.


Experience unparalleled transparency with Cascade’s evergreen system. Track ownership of assignments related to strategy, policy, and risk, eliminating stale, overlooked, or outdated responsibilities. From executives to new starters, everyone gains a complete view of reporting responsibilities and status, fostering accountability, informed decision-making, and a culture of open communication.


Harness the power of integration as Cascade seamlessly synchronises with Technology One. This robust integration empowers Mitchell Shire’s executive management, ensuring adaptability and growth alongside the organisational chart. With increased confidence in manageability and risk mitigation, seize growth opportunities knowing the integrated system supports evolving needs.

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