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We are the creators of the Government Framework©

Our Government Framework© is a strategic management framework used by executive, management and their teams in Local Government, State & Provincial Governments, Indigenous & First Nations, School Districts and medium to large organisations.

We configure our framework design into leading strategy execution software, supported by a management training and development program over the contract term. This unique system solves the complex integrated planning and reporting needs by driving consistent, structured, informed, and measurable outcomes.



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Government Frameworks presents I³ INNOVATE. IGNITE. IMPACT. 2024, a dynamic two-day conference focusing on the latest trends and strategies in government technology shaping local municipalities globally.

Immerse yourself in a diverse lineup of interactive discussions and hands-on training activities, keynote speeches, educational sessions, product announcements and demos, and interactive workshops that address the complex and ever-changing landscapes shaping the future of local municipalities and governance worldwide. 

Date: December 4 – 6, 2024
Location: Crowne Plaza Nadi Bay Hotel, Nadi, Fiji

A welcome message from our Managing Director

When it comes to the public sector, good governance means a responsible handling of public funds.

In this sense, good governance is about both performance i.e. how an agency delivers goods or services, and conformance i.e. how an organisation meets its legal requirements and community expectations.
Our new normal

Designed for Government and our new normal

The pandemic has exposed the importance of technology transformation as a fundamental pillar for reforming the overall workings of government. Governments across the globe more than ever rely on modern technology to manage their priorities like more citizen engagement, improved government productivity, and higher economic growth. 

Technology transformation is about more than selecting, rolling out, and operating the latest technology. Governments must devise the right digital strategy and governance model, attract the right talent, and design more flexible organizational structures to boost citizen engagement and operational efficiency. 

Designed with multiple views

A single source of truth, in any view

Traditional approaches to data management weren’t built to handle the volume of data we see today. As a result, data ends up in siloed databases that prevent sharing and make it tough for employees to be data-driven.

Our Government Framework© design, embedded in cloud-based technologies, enables executive and management access to a single source of truth, ensuring that everyone in the organization bases business decisions on the same data model and are working in the same direction.

We then allow you to view reports aligned to the way you work.

How does our framework help transparency?

Governance and our Government Framework©

Set organizational objectives through mission and vision.

Determine ethics and define what behaviours are important.

Create culture and define how people interact within each other.

Comply with legal and regulatory obligations across teams.

Design and implement a governance framework.

Governments that use our framework

Trusted by governments
around the world

Councilor Beverly Day 

Town of Grand Bay-Westfield | New Brunswick, Canada

“I was surprised how much I learned about the Town after Council received our first Government Frameworks report from Administration; the ongoing reports are effective. As an elected official for over twenty years, this reporting provides me greater oversight and a method of ensuring the Council’s priorities in our Strategic Plan are being met.”

Simon Rennie

General Manager Corporate  Moira Shire Council | Victoria | Australia

“We are now successfully tracking progress on our strategic and operational plans and projects, all in one system. The transparency and accountability from having all the information in one place, extended across the organization, is of most value.”

Lew Rojahn

Chief Executive Officer | Bulloo Shire Council | Queensland | Australia

“We set a goal to improve connectivity between our reporting functions and to overcome many manual processes. A lot of these things I have been trying to do for 40 years has now come to fruition with your software, linking everything we do on a daily basis, back to the corporate plan.” 

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