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Solutions Overview

Begin your journey here with an overview of our solutions for Government. GovernmentFrameworks.com offer a complete suite of management frameworks for strategy management, performance management, project and portfolio management, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) that are configured on a single platform. This suite is complemented by global leading process management and workflow automation & optimization tools, and talent management, offering a unique transformational opportunity for Government.

Our unique offering is designed to enable good governance and transparency that builds trust across all stakeholders. It promotes ownership and accountability, lifts team engagement, execution and culture, improves the customer experience and encourages operational excellence. Moreover, we assist in transformational change that creates a significant change in the culture and work processes of an organization and produces significant improvement in performance.


Our Government Framework© is different

Our Framework provides a structure and set of principles and practices to assist agencies to better appreciate high performance as a dynamic system. We assist the executive in organizational performance management: high-performance governance, high-performance organisation and high-performance groups and individuals as shown in the adjacent diagram.

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Good Governance and our Government Framework©

Our Framework focuses on the practices that determine coordinated plans, policies and legislation and includes those that contribute to whole-of-agency performance; for example, stewardship and cross-department collaboration. These practices are central to ensuring that, in terms of performance, longer-term system goals and broader outcomes are considered.


Integrated Risk Management

Our solution provides a single coherent strategy for managing an agency’s wide range of risks. It enables a proactive and systematic approach to manage municipality/council/school district risks including finance, legal and regulatory compliance, enterprise and operational risks.


Our Governance Framework and Compliance for the
new era

We enable your organization to view and adhere with the mandated and voluntary boundaries, automating your regulatory and organizational compliance requirements that extend across strategic, corporate, departmental and all your governance compliance areas of responsibility.


Processes / Workflows

We are committed to improving the way people work and operational excellence in offering visual process mapping, workflow automation, digital forms, and robotic process automation software solutions, tailored for Government.

Forms Management

Transforming Local Government with ‘FARMER’: Embrace a Paperless Future

Our solution is designed to address the specific challenges faced by local government entities. We understand the complexities inherent in their operations and have developed a game-changing solution that seeks to transform the way they work.

Experience a paradigm shift in how you handle forms. Introducing ‘FARMER’ – our groundbreaking solution that redefines how local government handles forms through advanced digitization and automation. 


Talent Management

Our performance management software and support help employees participate in essential activities and still focus on their own work. It becomes a lot easier to reward and recognize employees because it does not have to be a big event where everyone needs to be present, thereby assuring more normalized and regular employee recognition for good work.

Organizations that use our framework

Trusted by local governments and school districts around the world

Erin McGoldrick

Manager City Strategy & Economic Development | Glenorchy City Council | Tasmania | Australia

“We’ve implemented the software across council, to elected members and the community and for internal training purposes to assist with strategic management across our directorates. Staff how found the software more intuitive, powerful and easy to use.”

Lynne Walden

Director Corporate and Community | Port Pirie Regional Council | South Aust. | Australia

We implemented this framework to obtain visibility on all our promises we have made to our community. It has been really exciting to see the plans, strategies and actions link and visually come together and see that expressed. It has crystallized for all staff what we are doing now and plan to do in the future.” 

Arthur Piggot

Corporate Planning and Performance | Tweed Shire Council, New South Wales, Australia

“As an existing system replacement project, we have seen significant benefits from increased functionality and used more widely throughout the organization. With more dynamic measures, longer reporting timeframes, multiple target dates and milestones, we have seen much improvement in our reporting capabilities.”

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