A Compliance Framework for the New Era

View and adhere with the mandated and voluntary boundaries, automating your regulatory and organizational compliance requirements that extend across strategic, corporate, departmental and all your governance compliance areas of responsibility.


Our Government Framework© allows for a fully integrated Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution that extends across strategic, corporate, departmental and all your governance compliance areas of responsibility.

Local Governments are in a phase of new era in terms of compliance. For every area of Local Government there is a piece of governing legislation that must always be adhered to whether it be internally or filtered through to external parties. Benchmarks are now being set by the industry in terms of compliance practices and procedures, such as complaint handling procedures in accordance with the relevant country standards, prosecution practices and so on.

We enable your organization to adhere with the mandated boundaries (laws and regulations) and voluntary boundaries (company’s policies and procedures) by consolidating relevant information into a single view and automating your regulatory and organizational compliance requirements.

Key Benefits

Helping organisations adhere to boundaries and regulations.


Enable each department’s commitment to using its powers that are, and are seen to be, firm, fair and consistent.


Demonstrate the transparency of the compliance process.


Build good governance and provide effective regulation.


Strengthen your organization’s capacity to meet community aspirations.


The benefits of integrating governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Substantial duplication of tasks evolves when GRC are managed independently. Overlapping and duplicated GRC activities negatively impact both your organization’s operational costs and GRC matrices. For example, each internal service might be audited and assessed by multiple groups on an annual basis, creating unnecessary cost and disconnected results. Our connected approach allows your organisation to access real-time consolidated GRC executive reports in an era when risks are interdependent, and controls are shared.

If not integrated, if tackled in a traditional “silo” approach, most organizations must sustain unmanageable numbers of GRC-related requirements due to changes in technology, increasing data storage, market globalization and increased regulation.

An integrated approach to compliance ensures the right people get the right information at the right times; that the right objectives are established; and that the right actions and controls are put in place to address uncertainty and act with integrity. When GRC is done right, the benefits accrue.



An optimum compliance model

A compliance model in the Local Government and School District sectors should seek to educate and inform where genuine attempts at compliance are being made. Equally, it should impose the full force of the law when there is evidence of a serious non-compliance or systematic repetitive beaches. As part of a holistic approach to compliance, we help you build systems and processes that enable local government municipalities/councils and school districts to comply and routinely detect those who do not. We enable your departments to use a variety of tactics to obtain information about governance standards and/or in response to complaints about practices.

K-12 Schools

K-12 schools and compliance

Educational institutions must meet and observe a wide variety of guidelines and regulations set by both government agencies and nongovernmental associations to receive financial support and maintain accreditation. A school’s compliance officer spreads awareness of policies, coordinates programs to promote the observation of guidelines and reports to a top-level administrator.

In some instances, regulations may apply to an entire institution. In other cases, compliance officers work within a specific program or department, such as a university’s athletic department, where a compliance officer must ensure student-athletes conform to academic standards and don’t breach athletic association guidelines.

Our Government Framework© assists school compliance officers ensure faculty, staff and students operate within the guidelines and regulations governing an educational institution. It ensures they must stay up-to-date with current regulations, monitor these practices and maintain all records required to certify compliance. Our framework reporting assists a compliance officer to establish and build a relationship and communicate with the appropriate regulatory organizations.


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