Policy Management Solution

Why Do You Need A Policy Management Solution?

It is critical for councils to keep their policies up to date with the ever-changing landscape and updates in legislation.

This review process is often forgotten until an incident occurs and becomes an administrative nightmare

It is therefore essential that councils have a policy review cycle in place to minimize the risk of any of the above occurring.

Policies are key to ensuring that things run smoothly within your council. It is critical that policies are consistently reviewed in a cycle to ensure employees feel safe and secure.  So this ensures that employees do not become disengaged, knowledge gaps are easily filled, and the council is compliant with the Law.

Stay Ahead of the Game With Our Policy Management Solution.

We understand the importance of policies in ensuring that things run smoothly within your council, and we are here to help you manage them effectively.  Contact us today to learn more about our Policy Management Solution.


Take Your Policy Managment To The Next Level.

By supporting it with strong procedures using process mapping. Our intuitive mapping platform allows you to accurately map out complex procedures quickly, so you can get back to focusing on strategic goals and delivering services back to the community

What Government Frameworks will Deliver:

A comprehensive solution that will enable your organization to effectively manage your Policies.

Policy management GFW
Key Benefits

A policy Management Solution that will help communicate your policies more effectively to your organization and ensure their awareness of the policies that are relevant to them.


  • Policy ownership is tied to the org chart.
  • Complete revision control and historical tracking.
  • A clear view of assignments & Timetables






  • Published policies linked to the record management system
  • Consistent process to update, maintain and delete or archive policy.


  • Stay compliant with company policies and policies.
  • Know when your policies expire to avoid any potential conflicts.


  • Reminders on when to update policies.
  • Automated workflows to capture/update changes.
  • Accessible to the public/externally.

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