City of Kingston

Driving Results & Strategic Alignment: Fuels the City of Kingston’s Success in Accountability & Data-Driven Decision-Making


As the former capital city of Canada, Kingston boasts a population of over 136,000 residents & employs a dedicated staff of over 1300 individuals.


Since 2016, the City of Kingston has been a valued client of Over the past four years, they have successfully utilized the Cascade Strategy software as part of’s comprehensive governance tools.


With more than 100 users & managers, the City of Kingston relies on monthly & quarterly reporting to align their strategic & operational plans. By leveraging the power of Cascade, they have achieved improved execution, visibility, alignment, & accountability across their key departments & managerial teams.


Currently, the City of Kingston is in the process of implementing their “new” strategic plan through Cascade. Following the success of their previous plan, this updated strategy will be rolled out to hundreds of staff members to ensure efficient tracking & reporting.

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The road to success can be bumpy

In the fast-paced world of municipal governance, effective management & strategic planning are paramount. However, municipalities often grapple with a myriad of challenges that hinder their progress & impede their ability to meet the evolving needs of their communities. From ensuring accountability among numerous staff members to simplifying reporting processes, finding the right solutions can feel like an uphill battle.

Let’s explore the specific challenges faced by the City of Kingston:


Enhanced Accountability Distribution

GovernmentFrameworks implemented a centralized system that effectively distributed accountability among staff members for strategic plan implementation. This streamlined approach fostered a culture of responsibility & ensured clear understanding of roles, driving efficient progress towards goals.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Offered an efficient method to capture progress updates in real-time. Staff members could easily input key performance indicators & project completion percentages, enabling stakeholders to access up-to-date information for informed decision-making & timely interventions.

Streamlined Reporting Process

Provided a flexible solution that eliminated the reliance on time-consuming Excel-based processes for reporting. The platform offered customizable reporting templates & automated data aggregation, saving time & ensuring consistent & visually appealing reports tailored to the needs of council & stakeholders.

Integrated Planning & Data

We facilitated seamless alignment between operational & governance planning while preventing data duplication. The platform integrated data across departments, promoting better coordination, collaboration, & holistic decision-making processes.

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