County of Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin’s Leap Forward: Embracing Digital Tools for Enhanced Governance


Situated in the heart of central Alberta, the County of Wetaskiwin presents itself as an idyllic enclave within Canada’s vast expanse. Directly to the south of Edmonton, this district seamlessly marries nature’s splendor with a bustling community spirit. Upon entering the County of Wetaskiwin, one is immediately enveloped by a diverse range of cultural experiences and recreational pursuits tailored to satiate all curiosities. Whether it’s basking by untouched lakesides, wandering amidst picturesque pathways, diving into local history at the museums, or perusing quaint boutiques, an adventure always awaits.

County of Wetaskiwin
Your County, Your Future

For those with an athletic inclination, the County provides an extensive selection of activities. From golf and equestrian adventures in the warmer seasons to the joys of cross-country skiing and curling when snow hits the ground, the range of recreational pursuits ensures a lively atmosphere all year round. What truly distinguishes the County of Wetaskiwin is its steadfast dedication to progressive growth and forward-thinking governance. Their local administration, which champions clarity, proficiency, and the welfare of its community, has been instrumental in the district’s flourishing trajectory. It’s with immense pride that Government Frameworks acknowledges its association with their journey. Our collaborative efforts have refined administrative functions, elevated governance standards, and emboldened the County’s team in their mission to optimally serve the community. As we delve deeper into this case study, we’ll highlight the impact of our strategic solutions on the unfolding success of the County of Wetaskiwin.

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Navigating the Complexities of Municipal governance

In the evolving landscape of municipal governance, striking the right balance is often easier said than done. As communities grow and change, adapting and staying on top of it all becomes a significant undertaking. Be it instilling a sense of accountability across a sprawling workforce, refining intricate reporting mechanisms, or navigating the labyrinth of administrative intricacies, charting the course towards optimal governance can often appear daunting. When Wetaskiwin came to government frameworks they identified with the following challenges:

Recognizing these challenges, Wetaskiwin turned to Government Frameworks for solutions. The partnership not only addressed the immediate concerns but brought about transformative benefits.


Embracing Digital Transformation: Wetaskiwin's Strategic Leap

Navigating the intricacies of modern municipal governance, the County of Wetaskiwin sought to bridge the gap between its administrative ambitions and the evolving needs of its community. Embracing a comprehensive approach, they teamed up with Government Frameworks, marking the onset of a transformational journey. Below we delve into this phased implementation


In the intricate world of municipal governance planning, the County of Wetaskiwin faced challenges that are all too familiar: ensuring the long-term sustainability of their services, keeping a vigilant eye on strategic initiatives, and striving for peak performance. These concerns were not just theoretical; they affected the very fabric of their governance. Addressing these challenges head-on, the County turned to the Local Government Framework. This strategic move ushered in a renewed era of efficiency and transparency for the County. By leveraging the power of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and well-defined Policies & Procedures, the team at Wetaskiwin has been able to keep a diligent track of their strategic and departmental plans, offering a clear roadmap to their progress. Furthermore, the established frameworks for Bylaws Management, Contracts & Agreements, and Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests, although used to varying extents, have provided a robust infrastructure to streamline their administrative processes. A standout feature that has proven transformative for Wetaskiwin is the Cascade performance evaluation model. This model seamlessly addresses their performance challenges, ensuring that the governance machinery operates at its optimal best. This holistic approach, which resonates with the tenets of the Corporate Planning & Reporting solution, is a testament to the Local Government Framework’s capability to recalibrate and refine municipal governance, as evidenced by the County of Wetaskiwin’s success story.

Process Mapping

The County of Wetaskiwin, positioned at the cusp of significant transitions, turned to Government Framework for guidance. They were grappling with an imminent workforce transition, characterized by an aging demographic nearing retirement. The challenge was two-fold: seamlessly ushering in a new generation of talent while ensuring the preservation of invaluable institutional knowledge. Concurrently, the overarching demand for enduring, resilient governance and services was ever-present.

In a move that underscores their forward-thinking approach, Wetaskiwin adopted the tools provided by  Government Frameworks. Harnessing the insights from the Process Mapping for Government solution, they embarked on an insightful journey. Key information, previously captured but not optimally utilized, was moved into ProcessPro. This strategic move made ProcessPro a rich reservoir of information, accessible to the entire team and has become the go to resourse. Gone were the days when only those at the front counter could decipher handwritten notes and navigate the nuances of process changes. Now, a transparent, comprehensive, and user-friendly source of data stands available to all.

Furthermore, by optimizing their governance procedures, Wetaskiwin has fortified its systems for long-term sustainability. This not only ensures consistent service delivery but also strengthens the community’s faith in its governance, safeguarding the future of their services.

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Records Management with form automation & workflow

In the realm of municipal governance, efficient document management and streamlined operational processes are crucial. The County of Wetaskiwin, in its commitment to excellence, identified two significant challenges: the absence of a robust Records Management system and a dependency on paper forms that induced operational inefficiencies.

Recognizing these issues, the County sought a transformative solution in the Content Services provided by Government Frameworks. Transitioning from their legacy ECM system, Docushare, the County adopted Laserfiche as their primary platform for comprehensive records management. This change not only centralized the County’s records but also introduced a public portal. Through this portal, the community can conveniently access records that the County has authorized for sharing, enhancing transparency and trust.

But the transformation didn’t stop there. The Wetaskiwin team took the initiative to develop forms and processes, particularly with their asset procurement segment. Although initially, there were challenges in familiarizing themselves with the system’s full capabilities, the introduction of the FARMER 25 forms implementation marked a pivotal turning point. By entrusting Government Frameworks with the task, they expedited the conversion process, resulting in the seamless integration of 25 forms, complete with process automation. The outcome? Enhanced operational efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and a fortified system that stands as a testament to Wetaskiwin’s commitment to progressive governance.

solutions implemented

In the world of municipal governance, the County of Wetaskiwin emerges as a paragon of innovative thinking and dynamic adaptation. The challenges they faced, ranging from imminent workforce transitions to operational bottlenecks, are not uncommon in the realm of local government. Yet, their proactive approach, coupled with the adept solutions provided by Government Frameworks, has paved the way for transformative change.

Adopting cutting-edge tools like Laserfiche for records management and FARMER & ProcessPro  implementation for process optimization, Wetaskiwin has redefined what efficient governance looks like. Their journey, one of commitment to community welfare, strategic planning, and collaborative growth, offers invaluable lessons to municipalities worldwide.

Their collaboration with Government Frameworks isn’t just about solving administrative challenges—it’s a testament to what can be achieved when a visionary local government partners with a solutions-driven entity. As we conclude this case study, the County of Wetaskiwin stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for other municipalities seeking excellence in governance and community service. This partnership between Wetaskiwin and Government Frameworks showcases the potential of synergy, innovation, and a shared vision for a brighter, more efficient future.

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