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Local Government is an integral part of the system of governments North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is the “grass roots” level of government where Elected Officials/Members are ideally placed to monitor the changing needs of local communities, to plan and implement strategies to meet those needs, and to bring local concerns to the attention of the Provincial/State and Federal Governments.

The team at have a deep understanding of the Local Government environment. We help councils demonstrate progress across their integrated planning and reporting framework. Our unique Local Government Framework© embedded into Cascade Strategy software and supported though our training and development programs for executive and managers, allows for optimum decision-making for executive and “good-governance” for local communities.

Local government’s strength is its closeness to the community and its ability to take account of, and to respond to, local views and ideas. Our strength lies in the design of our unique Local Government Framework© where for example, we provide operational views for management both on a single page and from a single database. As a Local Government implementation specialist, that is a ground-breaking achievement.

Key Benefits

A flexible framework that works across all levels of Government


Eliminate disparate reporting systems and consolidate into one easy-to-use dashboard.


Save up to 80% of manual task time by migrating to an integrated design and automated solution.

Easy for Managers

Provide department managers a unique planning and reporting experience, on a single page.

Service for Delivery

Report by service delivery across the organization in addition to department view.


Improve transparency between staff, elected officials/members, and the community.


Local government – a challenging future

The pressures on Local Government to make the right key investment and funding, resource allocation and delivery model decisions has never been greater.

Increasing demand for community services, rapid technological change, and the constant requirement to invest in asset construction and renewal are placing increasing pressure on councils to reconsider traditional business models.

Many municipalities/councils are struggling to support outdated IT and Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, set within a complex and inefficient infrastructure that is not keeping pace with current practices and is limiting their ability to meet their strategic and operational goals. Municipalities/Councils which have recognized their under-investment in IT and are prepared to evolve the maturity of their enterprise business system including the HCM function, as well as upgrading to cloud-based technology, will create an advantage and be more agile.

Planning is largely still run on a functional/organisational level, rather than being service led. Being service led enables strategic direction setting, realistic cost assessments, individual and team staff workplans and KPIs, and appropriate funding for technology upgrades.

Our cloud-based solution embedded with our unique Local Government Framework© provides a flexible structure and discipline in strategic and operational planning management, performance management, capital projects, governance, risk, and compliance all configured on a single database platform. We enable an informed managerial decision-making environment that can demonstrate progress despite unplanned events in these challenging times.


Strategic management in local government

Plan for the Future

Have greater control over your future with improved planning and reporting.

Solve complex problems

Problem solving and problem preventing capabilities of the organization are enhanced.

Make decisions based on data

More informed decision making by considering both the short term and long-term consequences.

Promote structured processes

Helps bring order and discipline in the organization’s internal processes and external activities.


Promote an environment and culture that is less resistance to change.


Supporting managers in complicated and complex government environments

Complicated Problems

Those problems that can usually be solved through one or more experts coming together and finding a solution. All Municipalities/Councils irrespective of size are complicated due the breadth of services they offer and functional areas that must focus on multiple outcomes including sustainability and goals established by Elected Officials/Members and their communities.

Complex Problems

Complex problems exist in the areas that experts tend not to be and are issues that require a far more subtle approach to solve. Complicated and complex problems require very different sets of skills, techniques and tools as applied in Local Government, where navigating both problems depends on how well management and their teams within the organization are supported.

The fundamental issue here is that while digital technologies provide the potential for transformational change, they alone do not guarantee it — that commonly depends on people. A piece of software designed to efficiently facilitate collaboration will not necessarily make despondent people collaborate. When this occurs, we add complexity to complication. Leaders need to prioritize and arm themselves with solutions that can coach and engage their people, extract insights and truth from them in a way that isn’t intimidating and allow them to add meaning to their work plan through participation in the integrated planning and reporting process.

The proven success system adopted by addresses both complicated and complex problems in Local Government Municipalities/Councils. Unlike other service providers, we stay with you over the term of the contract work and support department managers on an ongoing monthly basis. For more information on our Training and Development Program for Managers click the button below.

Give more to your team and get more back.

Job Satisfaction

Improved job satisfaction and manager skill-sets.

Enhanced Integrity

Enhanced quality and integrity over all plans and reports.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk of non-compliance within the workplace.

Increased Efficiency

Employee efficiency is increased which in turn increases productivity.

Our Local Government Framework


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Leaders extract insights and gain confidence and resilience to face difficult situations.

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