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Collaborative Resilience: Overcoming Challenges Together The City of Townsville achieves excellence with the use Audit Recommendations


Efficiently Streamlining Management Responsibilities: City of Townsville Harnesses Cascade for Enhanced Oversight

As one of Queensland’s top ten largest local government areas, the City of Townsville has leveraged the power of Cascade since 2018. By integrating this robust solution into their operations, they effectively manage strategic actions outlined in the five-year corporate plan and annual operations plan. This proactive approach ensures that reporting responsibilities are appropriately distributed across the management hierarchy.

Building upon this success, the City of Townsville expanded Cascade’s functionality to encompass the management of audit recommendations. This strategic move has yielded a comprehensive 360° review of reporting responsibilities for managers and officers. Furthermore, it offers unparalleled clarity on the implementation status to key stakeholders such as the audit and risk committee and the executive team.

Through this seamless integration, the City of Townsville has elevated visibility, accountability, and efficiency throughout its organizational framework, empowering decision-makers to drive optimal outcomes.

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Townsville City Council

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Collaborative Resilience: Overcoming Challenges Together

Prior to implementing Cascade, Townsville City Council encountered significant challenges that demanded effective solutions. The need to capture and preserve original due dates alongside anticipated end dates was a crucial consideration. Cascade’s implementation of flexible ‘custom attributes’ provided the solution, enabling the recording and display of key information on reports. This improvement instilled confidence in reported dates while establishing a benchmark for delivery performance. Addressing the complexities arising from organizational changes, Cascade introduced role-based assignments linked to the council’s HRIS system. This ensured clear and up-to-date ownership of actions, preventing oversight and outdated information. Integrating with Laserfiche enterprise content management resolved the arduous task of retrieving original recommendations, offering a streamlined and efficient process. Finally, Cascade’s closeout workflow, in conjunction with Laserfiche Business Process, successfully addressed the challenge of obtaining documented evidence for auto-recommendation implementation, bolstering the council’s confidence in closed recommendations. Through these triumphs, Cascade proved to be the ultimate solution for Townsville City Council, overcoming their implementation challenges with ease. worked with the City of Townsville to: 


Collaboration Amplified: A Unified Solution for Smooth Sailing

To address the complexities of tracking due dates, audit observations, and recommendation implementation, Townsville City Council turned to Cascade. This powerful solution revolutionized their processes, providing a comprehensive set of tools and features. Cascade’s flexible ‘custom attributes’ enabled the recording and display of key information, bolstering the confidence and accuracy of reported dates. By preserving original due dates alongside anticipated end dates, Cascade established a static baseline for benchmarking delivery performance, enhancing accountability.

Through seamless integration with the council’s HRIS system (ichris by Frontier), Cascade introduced role-based assignments, ensuring clear ownership of actions and resilience to organizational changes. Laserfiche enterprise content management seamlessly linked to Cascade, offering instant access to original recommendations with a single click. The tedious task of codifying recommendations was replaced by the simplicity of following a direct link to the relevant page.

Cascade, in conjunction with Laserfiche, triggered a closeout workflow that streamlined the collection of documented evidence for auto-recommendation implementation. From revised policies and procedures to photographs of new asset implementations, the closeout process sought confirmation from the owners’ direct managers, ensuring the successful resolution of recommendations marked as closed.

In summary, the implementation of Cascade, along with its integration with Laserfiche and the council’s HRIS system, transformed reporting and provided Townsville City Council with a clear line of sight into expected timeframes, progress bottlenecks, and completion. This comprehensive and accountable solution empowered the council to achieve greater efficiency and transparency in their processes.



Efficiency Unleashed: Cascade’s Role-based Assignments, integrated with HRIS (ichris by Frontier), capture audit insights amidst organizational changes. Laserfiche ECM enables effortless retrieval and instant access to addressed matters. Automate closeout workflows to request documented evidence of recommendation implementation, securing resolutions with manager confirmation.


Tailored Precision: Cascade’s Custom Attributes Enhance Reporting Confidence by capturing “original due dates” alongside expected project timelines. Flexibility empowers key information display on reports, aligning with your unique needs and providing benchmarking for delivery performance.


Unparalleled Visibility: Cascade offers a clear line of sight into timeframes, progress bottlenecks, and completion champions. Link original recommendations through Laserfiche ECM, eliminating codification hurdles. Closeout procedures seek manager confirmation, instilling confidence that recommendations marked closed are genuinely resolved.


Seamless Collaboration: Cascade integrates harmoniously with Laserfiche and HRIS systems. Simplify data entry with links to original documents. Role-based assignments seamlessly connect with HRIS, ensuring clear ownership of actions. Streamlined workflows and prompt evidence-gathering create synchronized processes, enhancing productivity organization-wide.

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