Local Government Professionals | Integrated Planning and Reporting Conference 2023 | Event for Local Government

September 6th – 8th, 2023

Government Frameworks is honored to be a gold sponsor at the Local Government Professionals Integrated Planning & Reporting Conference 2023 | 6th – 8th September | Crown Plaza | Hawkesbury Valley, NSW | Event for Local Government

Meet the Government Frameworks team, Gold Sponsors, and exhibitors at the Local Government Professionals | Integrated Planning and Reporting Conference 2023

Introducing the creators of the Local Government Framework© – a cloud-based governance tool designed for CEOs and Executive leadership teams. This tool streamlines intricate administrative and reporting tasks across various government sectors.

As the trusted provider for local governments in Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, Governmentframeworks.com offers specialized services including planning, process mapping, process automation, records management, and corporate reporting. Our proven framework effectively addresses the intricate demands between administrations, council elect, and affiliated authorities.

This solution is tailored for astute Councils aiming to seamlessly integrate strategic goals with optimized performance. The Government Frameworks Team is poised to illustrate how we can address your challenges.

You work hard to serve your community. Let our experienced team serve you.

Local Government Professionals | Integrated Planning and Reporting Conference 2023

The Integrated Planners Conference stands as the foremost occasion for professionals engaged in Integrated Planning and Business Improvement within the realm of NSW local government. This event serves as a congregation of the most exceptional and brilliant minds in this sector. The Integrated Planning and Reporting Conference presents an avenue for delegates to unite, engaging in discourse about matters impacting local government professionals. It also seeks to establish optimal methodologies, carve out exemplar practices, and forge tools that bolster the integrated planning and reporting sphere.

We extend an invitation with the anticipation of your presence.

Who Should Partake This conference warmly welcomes all professionals who operate within the sphere of NSW local government. Specifically, it offers substantial advantages to those engaged in the following domains:

  • Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Corporate Planning
  • Policy & Research
  • Performance Improvement
  • Business Innovation
  • Business Strategy and Development

Marie Reinking

Marie Reinking

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