WINter Conference 2022 | Event for Local Government Leaders

October 20 – October 21, 2021 will be attending the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association WINter Conference 2022

The theme for the WINter Conference is Leadership, Collaboration, and Inspiration. The Conference features sessions that will address the personal and professional challenges we, as women, face as we strive to be balanced and effective on the job and in our communities.

This year, we have extended the Conference experience to include a pre-event reception on January 10th. Join us and fellow Conference attendees as a representative from Hershey welcomes us and presents an update on the upcoming happenings in Hershey. 

The following day, we dig in for an agenda of sessions that challenge us, as project leaders and core initiators, both personally and professionally. Of particular interest is our panel entitled “How My Career Found Me” featuring three highly successful and inspiring presenters sharing insights about their journey on often convoluted career paths. are unique:

As the premium strategic planning and operational process automation service provider exclusive to local governments across Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand.

We specialize in planning, Process Mapping, Process Automation, Records Management and  Corporate Reporting.

We are implementation specialists for Strategic management systems and the creators of the Local Government Framework© specifically designed for Government. 

This web-based, governance tool for CEOs and Executive leadership teams, simplifies complex reporting between administrations, council elect, and associated authorities.

For discerning city or county councils seeking an effective methodology for combining their strategic needs with maximized performance. 

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