LGMA Conference | Nanaimo BC, Canada | Event for Local Government | GovernmentFrameworks.com

June 13th -June 15th, 2023


Governmentframeworks.com will be attending the LGMA 2023 Annual Conference | June 13th – 15th June, 2023 |Victoria Conference Centre |Victoria, BC | Canada | Event for Local Government

Meet the Government Frameworks team where they will be exhibiting at the LGMA 2023 Annual Conference.

We are the creators of the Local Government Framework© a cloud-based governance tool for CAOs and Executive leadership teams to simplify their complex administration and reporting throughout government.

As the trusted provider to local governments across Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, Governmentframeworks.com delivers specialized planning, process mapping, process automation, records management, and corporate reporting. Our successful framework solves the complex needs between administrations, council elect, and associated authorities.

This solution is for discerning Councils seeking an effective methodology for combining their strategic needs with maximized performance. The Government Frameworks Team will be ready to demonstrate how you’re challenges can be solved.

You work hard to serve your community. Let our experienced team serve you.

LGMA 2023 Annual Conference

The upcoming conference, LGMA2023, titled “Taking Stock, (re) Shaping Together,” will provide a platform for local government practitioners, experts, and partners from all over British Columbia to delve into various current topics and trends in their field. Attendees will have the opportunity to broaden their professional networks and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals.

This presents a valuable occasion for local government leaders, experts, and partners to exhibit innovative practices within local government; contemplate, examine, and distribute applicable resources; and collaboratively tackle emerging challenges that affect communities, citizens, and local government organizations. This event serves as an opportunity for stakeholders to come together and share their experiences and insights in order to improve the effectiveness of local government operations.

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