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Wednesday, August 16th, 2023


GovernmentFrameworks.com | North America – Webinar presenting | Effective Technology – Using Technology to Improve Public Reporting | August 16th, 1:00 – 1:45 PM MDT | Presented by – Franz Gangl – VP Content Services, Government Frameworks | Moderated by Luke Holcombe – Strategic & Operational Planning Consultant -Government Frameworks

Welcome to our transformative webinar: “Effective Transparency: Unleashing the Potential of Technology for Enhanced Public Reporting.” Get ready to pull back the curtains on your organization and embark on an information-driven future like never before.

At this exclusive event, we’ll reveal the secrets to harnessing strategic advantages through the power of public reporting. Are you ready to break free from traditional transparency boundaries and embrace a new era of openness? Let us empower you with the tools and knowledge to make it happen.

Discover the hidden potential of modern reporting tools as they seamlessly integrate with your organization’s vision. Your constituents will experience public reporting like never before, as we delve into real-world use cases where technology’s transformational powers breathe new life into reporting practices.

Our esteemed Guru Franz, with decades of experience, will share invaluable tips and tricks that benefit all participants. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to shape the future of reporting and catapult your organization to the forefront of transparency and trust.

Key Highlights:

  • Unlock strategic and tactical benefits of public reporting
  • Explore modern tools supporting reporting processes
  • Gain insights from real-world use cases
  • Learn Guru Franz’s expert tips and tricks

Join us now and be part of paving the way for a more transparent and connected world. Secure your spot for “Effective Transparency” and reshape the future of reporting today.

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