An Introduction to “FARMER” | Webinar – Nth. America | Government

Wednesday, 3rd May 2023


Government | Nth America – webinar |An Introduction to “FARMER” | May 3rd, 2023 | 11:00 – 11:45 am MDT | Presented by Philip Hicks | Group CEO

Allow us to show you how your organization can free up thousands of staff hours while producing a greater service level for your community. The FARMER solution automates both internal and external facing forms and processes and exponentially cuts handling and administration time down for your team. If you’ve ever filled out, handled, approved, emailed, or filed a form, this webinar will help you.  

  • Save 15,000+ hours of administration time each year.
  • Enabling you to free up 9 – 12 full-time staff members. 
  • Provide more efficient service to residents than ever before.
  • File management and form data reporting are automated. 
  • No additional software licensing is required. 

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Marie Reinking

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