WINter Conference 2022 | Event for Local Government Leaders

October 20 – October 21, 2021 will be attending the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association WINter Conference 2022 The theme for the WINter Conference is Leadership, Collaboration, and Inspiration. The Conference features sessions that will address the personal and professional challenges we, as women, face as we strive to be balanced and effective on the job […]

LGAQ 125th Annual Conference 2021 MacKay, Qld | Event for Local Government Leaders

October 25 – October 27, 2021 | Mackay Convention Centre | Mackay,QLD     Meet Government at the LGAQ 125th in Annual Conference The LGAQ Annual Conference is a key event in the local government calendar and the largest LGAQ event. Delegates who attend the conference have a unique opportunity to see how councils […]

Beyond Integrated Planning and Reporting

We are the creators of the Government Framework© Planning aims to manage how cities, towns and regions grow and change in a way that benefits the public interest. It’s about better outcomes for people, places, the environment and the economy, and therefore deals with livability, sustainability and prosperity. Planning is becoming increasingly essential to how […]

Strategic Planning and Reporting in Local Government

We are the creators of the Government Framework© If I were to ask to you compare the construction of a building to running a local government, you might suggest an analogy detailing the requirements for a strong foundation and a desire to utilize the best workers available. You would not be wrong. If I were […]