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Policies are documents that clearly explain some processes, functions and responsibilities. All policies should be reviewed regularly so that they stay relevant and correct. The framework serves as a central library to view the scope and current of polices giving visibility in the review status and linking responsibility back to individual roles giving certainty and clarity.
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Policy Register

The policy review calendar is an important management control device to ensure policies remain relevant. The progress of the policy review can be tracked through a checklist to give structure and confidence that the correct review process is followed.  The linkage of policies through to a role based system means any changes in personnel are immediately reflected in the policy register making clear who has line management responsibility for policy review.

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The checklist outlines the process to be used to develop or review the content of Council’s policies. It includes information about why a policy is needed, research requirements and contents as well as practical considerations to support implementation. By including the checklist within each individual policy, not only is knowledge captured and shared but reporting on the status of updates becomes more meaningful and transparent, giving confidence that the review process is adequate and being effectively managed.

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