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The Strategy sets the direction for the provision of Council delivery and is often phased across yearly delivery plans providing a complete plan toward the fulfillment of the Communities Goals.
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Reporting on the progress of delivering upon the objectives of the Council Strategic plan is often associated with significant duplication and overlap of reporting effort involving coordination across departments to capture timely and informative updates.   The comprehensive local government framework addresses this bottleneck because actions in the strategic plan link through to the action area in the Department plans.  Beautifully formatted print ready documents ready for download into publishing software to keep the community abreast of progress.

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The councils reporting obligations to the public can be delivered through the framework by publishing standalone PDF documents that display progress as a snapshot in time.  The documents are available in Adobe PDF format making them suitable for inclusion in published annual reports or quarterly reports.  In addition, live dynamic content is available for embedding as an iframe directly onto the council's website where the public or elected members my access a curated and approved subset of goal progress.

Functions available include:

  • PDF Downloads
  • Public reporting through iFrame through to the Council's existing website
  • Complete turn key public websites, hosted at
  • Access restricted sites where sensitive content is available for elected members
  • Private goals, may be locked to prevent access by non-approved personnel
  • Example Quarterly Performance Report

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