Capital Works

Demonstrate progress and measure impact from improved decision making

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Capital works are works undertaken to create a new asset or space, or to change the use, function or layout of an existing asset or space. Capital works may include: provision of new building infrastructure, roads, pedestrian or cycleways or draining/water management.
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Capital Works

The framework includes the capability to manage hundreds of parallel capital projects, grouped into portfolios and assigned to individual owners through a role-based database ensuring that assignments are clear and always up to date.

Visibility of project practical completion and from a financial standpoint is offered through a combination of dashboards and printable snapshots to give a single line view of project completion and expenditure.  Expenditure and Budget metrics can automatically update from the financial system by an integration.

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Administration effort to maintain accurate and timely status reports is minimised through automated reminder messages to circulate a reminder email along with links to the live system. The project team require virtually no training having only to follow the link to view a filtered list of assignments they own. The inline view displays the last three project updates as text as well as the latest financial data at a glance.

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