Achieving more for customers with less.

Gippsland Water saves AUD$250k in year 1, eliminates double-handling and sees an increase in first-call resolution for customers.

Using Nintex Promapp as their improvement tool, Gippsland Water began a three-year journey of process mapping – with the ultimate goal of increasing efficiency by improving processes.

Challenging the way things were done.

Charged with meeting the needs of 65,000 customers in 43 towns including seven industries of national significance, Gippsland Water embarked on a journey to transform the way it worked.

Chief Operating Officer Peter Skeels reflects that back at the planning stage, the question was: ‘How do we provide the best service to customers and, at the same time, do more for them with less?’

Ultimately, it was all about efficiency – lowering tariffs and stripping costs from the business while still maintaining high quality services.

Using Nintex Promapp as their improvement tool, Gippsland Water began a three-year journey of process mapping – with the ultimate goal of increasing efficiency by improving processes. Within a year of using Nintex Promapp, big improvements were already evident, saving the company AUD$250,000 in wasted costs.

Contemplating what the high-level value changes to the business were, Peter began the project by differentiating between core, support and management processes. Then, together with the project team, he prioritized the key processes that tied everything together.

‘With this in mind, our starting point was to ask everyone to look at and challenge the ways in which they were doing their tasks,’ says Peter.

Peter says staff began asking themselves three questions: why they were doing a process, did they need to do it, and could they do it more effectively and efficiently?

Nintex Promapp enabled the project team to visibly represent all the processes across the company, so they could easily plot and identify which business unit was accountable for which process.

Then, thanks to the intuitive flow of the process mapping tool, the team could transparently show how each process directly linked to Gippsland Water’s vision of providing efficient water and wastewater services for a healthy community environment.

No need to recreate the wheel.

Initially staff were wary, thinking they’d have to create new processes and procedures, but as Nintex Promapp easily integrates with existing set-ups this wasn’t an issue. Peter says it was also great to be able to incorporate their training videos into Nintex Promapp.

'Nintex Promapp is far more than a process mapping tool; it’s very instinctive for people to use and is very well designed. As a tool, it has helped transform the language used in our business.'
Peter Skeels
Chief Operating Officer, Gippsland Water

Saving AUD$250,000 in wasted costs.

The results were ‘eye-opening’ and began within a year, saving the company AUD$250,000 in wasted costs.

One area with a startling result was Gippsland Water’s interaction with property developers and people looking to buy or sell houses.

Another benefit for customers has been in the call center. Gippsland Water now resolves 90 percent of customer calls at the first point of contact, a big improvement on the previous rate of 60 percent.

Peter attributes these results to having a better understanding of processes, data automation and data cleansing.

'We transformed a function that used to take up to ten days and now deliver results within a few seconds. This is a great result for our customers.'
Peter Skeels
Chief Operating Officer, Gippsland Water

Creating staff engagement.

Gippsland Water used the process improvement project as a staff engagement tool, getting all staff involved as a means of showing how their work directly affected the business and its customers.

An unexpected result of the journey was the creation of stronger links throughout the organization, as individuals saw how their work contributed to the overall vision.

‘We also had a cross-department team voluntarily drive the process change work. This has been key in getting people involved,’ says Peter.

‘When people saw other team members or mates give up their time to support this project, it made them more willing to come on board and believe in what we were trying to achieve.’

Looking ahead.

Now, thanks to Nintex Promapp and the techniques they’ve learned, Gippsland Water is tackling new projects, including how it bills customers and the development of a customer relationship package.

‘It’s a continuous improvement plan. By using Nintex Promapp we’ve been able to improve techniques and provide a faster turnaround time for a lot of our functions.’

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