Strategic Planning Software: Are managers adequately defining their strategic plans?

One of the great features of using strategic planning software is the ability to see definitive planning structure within each of your manager’s plans. Strategic planning in management is essential but there are practical limitations to its use. The reasons why people fail in strategic planning emphasise the practical difficulties encountered in planning. Several limits […]

Navigating your strategic planning process in uncertain times.

Status: Next year we have an election, possibly a new CEO, and a new corporate plan. “Let’s wait until the dust settles” is a common response as a cautious approach to the strategic planning process and strategy execution. However, every week you leave your planning can adversely impact you for several weeks, or months before […] Global Conference | 2019

The gorgeous backdrop of Adelaide in Southern Australia set the scene for the Global Conference for 2019. The “City of Churches” did not disappoint. Attendees checked in to the classically adorned Stamford Grand Hotel, situated right on Glenelg Beach with sweeping views across St. Vincent Gulf. The first two days of the program were […]

Introducing the School Districts Excellence Program©

Superintendents face the challenges of cost-cutting and limited resources, while being tasked with managing greater workloads than ever before. Dealing with many stakeholders in schools and their principals, administration, facilities, technology, security, health and nutrition, local government, parents and community groups impacts the time available to manage the most important stakeholders – the children themselves […]

Operational Planning Challenges in Local Government

Most administrations set a “horizon” period for strategic or operational planning, and most likely they have spent valuable time in the planning process during this period. Historically, a considerable amount of this strategic and operational planning has little possibility of being actioned due to changing management, unassigned tasks, non-aligned collaboration, lack of reporting, transparency, or […]